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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

nothin like suicidal thoughts to brighten up a day

level 12 isn't that bad, i have to agree with the rockets. the trick is to not worry about the rocket, count the time between each jump and once you got the timing down then watch the rocket and just run and jump in time. it wasn't until level 18 that i wanted to break my mouse. i quit there, i felt the carpel tunnel building. it's a good game, pretty addicting, you just gotta have way more patience then i do to finish it, or a really good friend who won't be pissed you smack him upside the head for hitting the rocket against the wall.

Awesome concept

Extrmely hard (stuck at 12), but an great concept. I wanna do art for the sequel.

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude! If I ever make a sequal Ill send you a PM :D

lolz level 12

level 12 is rather difficult.... so i gave up. Still I really liked it and the concept was awesome. Reminds me of rocket jumping on tf2 :D

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude :)

This is good

i had fun, but it went too fast from easy to hard. restart button is SPACEBAR for those who did not figure it out.

VicBiss responds:

Thankyou! And good job reading directions

Lots of fun...

... but really REALLY hard using a mousepad :)

VicBiss responds:

Yeah, haha, try it out with a mouse if you get the chance :)