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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

Very Good game!

Just next time you make a game like this could you please make a level skip button because i couldnt beat level 7 Thanks!

VicBiss responds:

Thank you! But thats like making a chicken exit :P

Lot's of things to fix...

the concept of great, but there are lots of things that makes this game not so great
first of all, the rocket go to your mouse pretty quick and once it makes it there, it stays there, so it's like the mouse if the rocket and all you have to do it click on all the things you have to blow up...
also, the jump doesn't work like other games where you could still jump when your a little off the platform
the font and stuff makes the game look old and not well programed
and no reset button? i got on level 6 and i have to restart from the beginning, speaking of that i have to restart the whole game every time i close the game
definitely has potential, but needs a lot more work

VicBiss responds:

Space is the restart button, the font was spose to look a little robotty and classic.


this game is awesome and ridiculously harder the further u go

VicBiss responds:

Thank you! And yeah :)


theres no retry button? i failed on level 6 (the walljump thing) i was at the door but nothing happened, otherwize great game, nice concept and such

VicBiss responds:

SPACE, but thanks!

Not too shabby!

Frustrating enough to keep you playing but not so frustrating that you start destroying your keyboard. Getting stuck, trying over and over again and then succeeding certainly gave me a sense of accomplishment. Eventually level 13 became my nemesis. I surrender!

VicBiss responds:

Thanks, that feeling of accomplishment is why I make my games challenging.