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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

Lvl 14

couldn't get past secons spikes. awesome puzzle game. really liked it.

VicBiss responds:

You gots to explosion jump above the spikes then wall jump twice and land on the right platform. It's pretty rough though :/. And thank you!

Level 10

First impression when I saw Level Ten was, "Oh fuck, this is impossible!"

Turns out, I was right! It IS impossible!

I give you props for an interesting concept and some funky music, but why do you feel the need to punish the player with such impossible gameplay? That's just not cool.

VicBiss responds:

It's impossible unless you're a ninjateer :P but sorry, I didn't think much of that level cuz I can pass it pretty easy but everybody seems to have trouble with it :(

Pretty good

I do feel that there needs to be a restart button. In one of the levels (can't remember which one) you start out having to wall jump multiple time to get out of the starting pit. Due to either jumpy hands or just old fashioned me being bad at it, I was stuck in the pit with no rockets and I had to wait for the bomb to go off. So yeah a restart button might help those of us that aren't as good at the parts where we cant just kill ourselves to start over

VicBiss responds:

Space :p and thanks

great game

but man,wll jump is almost impossible,u must improve it...i just can't pass from lvl 10...

VicBiss responds:

sorry... but thanks :)


Shitty, but cool concept. Gaps and gravity become an absolute pain. Sometimes when propelled by own missiles, it is high or low.

VicBiss responds:

I know whatchya mean, jean