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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

Impossible much?

Cool. I like how you made level 10 impossible so I wouldn't waste more time playing this game. (I kid)

VicBiss responds:

That hurts :p

so stupid

WHY WALL JUMPING IS IMPOSSIBLE WTF didnt have enough missals to pass level 6

VicBiss responds:

Press space and get some skillz :)

This is good

i had fun, but it went too fast from easy to hard. restart button is SPACEBAR for those who did not figure it out.

VicBiss responds:

Thankyou! And good job reading directions

Keep it up

Its a good game, though you need to polish your idea, reset button for levels is a must if you`re running out of rockets. Keep it up

VicBiss responds:


I gave up at Level 10

Good Concept, but it was quite boring and impossible at some parts.

You went from easy to hard in an instant. It needs work.

VicBiss responds:

Thanks, and sowwy