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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

Good concept, but interface could use some work.

I like what's trying to be done, granted it is extremely difficult at times. (Took about 15 min to get level 10, only to once again.. get stuck at level 12 *I gave it 10 min.. and just could not get the hang of switchjumping)

What I would like to see in the future is an improved menu screen, show us what levels we have completed and lock the ones we haven't. As much as I'd like to attempt to master this game, I do not like having to redo the same content again to get there (especially level 10, rockets almost always glitched right after the 3rd jump) This would also allow others to practice some of the difficult moves in the game and master them for the later levels.

The concept is overall good, this game has a fairly large learning curve.. so isn't for everyone, but that's fine. Just add more functionality into the game menu (quality, levels, maybe even a difficulty option) and it should be better.

VicBiss responds:

Yeah, I had to rush the hell out of this game, I only spent like 4-5 hours on it tops, haha

Great concept, but

I hate this game.
So hard to control.
5/10 3/5

VicBiss responds:

Sorry dude

not laptop friendly

NFFW: not fun for work. Can't even get past the wall jump level because I've got a trackpad. Great concept though.

VicBiss responds:

Yeah, try it again on a computer with a mouse if you have the time :)

Good game.

This is a pretty neat game. To be fair I got stuck on level ten and gave up after a few minutes, but until then I liked it. You lose some points for the graphics, but its a good game with a reasonably original concept nonetheless. To the guy who didnt like no restart button - there is one. Space.

VicBiss responds:

Yeah, I was originally going to redo all the graphics but I didn't have the time or the willpower to, lol

not good

Granted, it's a nice concept. But the graphics are very poor, and the gameplay is downright impossible.

VicBiss responds: