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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


Too hard for my blood

VicBiss responds:

It's ok :)

Nice game

This looked liked an interesting flash game though i had a little problem with the Bomb level cause when i shot the rockets up there they seem to have a mind of their own whether or not they want to hit the target or not but seeing the levels before that it looks like a pretty cool game that takes some mind power to solve puzzles to get to the exit and the animation though simple moved smooth & quick also the audio was great and fit well too,overall it was a nice contribution for Robot Day 2010. =)

VicBiss responds:


Very good

I thought it looked and felt very good and I liked the concept my only concern is that it is to dam hard! I got to level 18 and your giving me just to little time. ease it up a bit and it would be an 8 or 9 nut jesus who can beet this without spending a whole day on it even then I don't know what anyone can do on level 18.

VicBiss responds:

Good job gettin to 18, I can;t recall exactly which level that is, but theyre all pretty damn hard after that.

great game btw

if you guys want to reset push the spacebar...

VicBiss responds:

Somebody knows how to read :)


yea ran out of rocketys no restrart button 7/10

VicBiss responds: