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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


I don't care about the art. To me it looks great. And the games great and cool.

Just wait

lvl 18 is like 12 but only 10 times harder

i like u

i like how u respond to the comments people give...i wouldve given the game an 8 but u seem nice and i like the music but the game is too hard at times thx though for the game

VicBiss responds:

lol np man. Yeah sorry bout it bein so hard, I think I just got so good at the game while I was testing it that I made the levels for me and not people new to the game, haha. Thanks for the 10.


lvl 10 is not that fuckin hard it took me three fuckin trys maybe im just a roboninja in disguise but its not hard great game took me awhile to get lvl three... just shoot all but one rocket fall of the edge as you slam them into the side then shoot the switch and done lvl fourteen is were it got tricky... i couldnt do it... how many lvls are there??? it was an abesoulutely great game loved it and the music nice simple graphics bravo sir all my five R's belong to this WOOT!

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude means alot, there are 25 levels :)

Am I seeing the wrong thing or is it real

lolz... This game is soo great I thought I was dreaming

Author pls Respond cuz you rock

VicBiss responds:

Wow? Really? Thanks so much dude!