Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

Cant beat

On that level with the bu ildings at the top of the sky scraper theres a part where you cant jump over cos you cant jump that high so yea

not bad...

But still the characters arent well done and there coluld have more controls,special attacks and stuff...
nice Game tough


Yeah, what I heard, this game took long.
Haha, you know how I know about this game...
But there is something that was really bothering me.
The main character! He looks like he wasen't really put that much thought into it!
Just some squares. And then those colored circles as his eyes.
I can tell this guy was supposed to be like a cool dude because of his hair and scarr, but not emo.
Level Designs! They were good, but the springs, the platform, the everything in the level was not good.
Put some thought into the sequel, make some money, makes the game, release it on the PS3, Wii or 360 with custom music (Not borrowed) and this game would be the next awesome platformer.
So recap:
Good effort
Good stage design (I can imagine those stages in 3-D...)
High quality voices
Pretty long from what I can tell

Looks like stages are a roughdraft (Some decent shadow effects and good colors, please?)
Moovlin looks messed up, bad eyes, bad body, not good hair, no scar details
Everything else are probably how Moovlin looks like a horrible character and shouldn't be with those top dawgs like Larry The Knight and WWEEEEGEEEEEE

Overall, 8/10 and 5/5 , 8/10 due to... you know.

Me myself

personally I dont really like but i will give it a 10 and 5 out of 5

Well, no, it's not that fun...

However, I congratulate you on the completion of something that took you that long to make, that takes serious patience... and maybe laziness, but regardless. The reason I don't find it fun however, is because the game mechanics aren't that easy, intuitive, practical etc. and the initial design is a bit dull. If you take 'Ching Chong Beautiful' to be a paradigm for these kinds of games, I hope you see where I'm coming from. So, no, I don't think it's anywhere near as good... but I hope you keep trying, you have a lot of potential.