Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

Pretty awesome for a flash game

I see that I could spend much more time on it and that you can do lots of things but I don't really feel like it right now, and what u said in the loading screen is funny, but very untrue =]

So yeah good job I guess and yeah good to know I can keep playing it if I want sometime.

not that great

you need skip buttons on the cut scene.

the graphic style of the main menu is a bit cluttered and confusing.

the tutorial is frustrating because the controls are simple but the instruction is too long. i would like to get to the action right away.

also i am not a fan of the diaolgue.

you can certainly make a flash but i would now suggest making a game.

good try though.

not bad

but 2 years O_o u'r srs?

6 for effort

but the gameplay was just too generic and repetitive for my tastes. the action was minimal and the story was weak. I dont like it when it becomes a chore to finish a game....i like to be upset when i finish a game. Thats the general sign for a great game. But as i said, clearly a lot of time and effort went into this project so well done for your commitment


Well, what can I say? It is obvious from the size of the game and the amount of Medals that this game took a lot of effort and time. The concept is good, the animations decent, and the music fitting.
However, the gameplay is repetitive after a while. and the controls are tough at best, and the background sometimes makes it impossible to judge jumps/ gaps. Sometimes I would be ducking at a what looks to be a hole in the wall and just end up staying in one place. However, the "cutscenes" are what I think dampened this game the most. The voices are hard to make out, the shots at humor weak, the characters rough and stubbornly annoying since there the skip buttons kept on disappearing for me
Great attempt, keep it up! This game has great potential.