Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

Don't listen to these people

now, I'm sure we all have our own opinions and all, and i respect that....but i give this fine user a 10, because i felt that, for all the flaws in the game, they weren't bad enough for me to mark off a star......i felt the main lt the game was pretty good......some physics flaws.....not that bad though.......i was kinda disappointed when i read and saw there weren't any "Over 9000" awards....but thats just a personal preference...not your fault......but overall, the time I could play tonight(not very long) I had fun, and its a fairly well done game

but the main reason i gave it a 10, is the inspiration and hard work that you put into this game....you made it for the fans, and like you said in the excerpt, you put your own sweat and tears into it......that was quite inspiring, and quite rarely do I provide someone with a bad review.....only if the game is TRULY bad......but you did awesome......

now what i did do, is waste just a small few seconds of my time, actually reading every single line of words in the game that i got to....because i figured that if you cared so deeply about the game to put in these descriptions, its up to us to read them....and i thought it was rather creative that each planet, had a fully developed description, relating to the level you face, itself......that was unique and i enjoyed it.....i feel that by taking the time to give description for each world that you, yourself created, you put a part of yourself in the game.....

okay, maybe im going overboard with the compliments, but it was a good game.....

it has good music too....

just some things to edit in the future, is maybe instead of shifting through styles, make it so theres styles each part of the body, and have it so you can shift through all the different body parts, whether its practical or advanced, and save like that......

also, theres a few games (or apps like id like to call them) here on Newgrounds, that can help you develop the proper physics...the only things im worried about with the game the way it is, is that, no matter how fast you may be going, when you try to turn around, or stop, you ALMOST completely stop, but remain in a slower interval of time....in other words....you're going really fast, then you slow down dramatically, but can't quite stop in time.......

ANNYYYYWWWAAAAYYYY, its an awesome game, and maybe tomorrow when i get online, i might try to excel further in the game.....



Psychofig responds:

Thank you for the review, I'm really happy you noticed the work I put into it.


This game could have been a thousand time better than it was. While the graphics and animation weren't great, they were good enough to make the game fun, if the game was itself enjoyable. The controls were okay, if a bit sticky at times, but the spinning gimmick didn't add anything and actually took away from the game. The game itself seems to not know whether it wants to be a speedy action filled game or a platformer where the slightest misstep sends you to your death. It seems as if you barely tested the game, signified by the fact that if I died while trying to use the boost, I was sent back to the start of the level, because the boost button was the same as the hotkey for restart. The story was generic and a little hard to follow because of the scene transitions, but I could deal with that up until the point where a blackhole opened up and sucked Moovlin in. Before it does he says "Where the heck did that come from" , my sentiments exactly. He proceeds to fall onto a planet where trees watch him and speak French, and then they are never seen again. During that level Moovlin sprouts bird wings, that is where I realized that you stopped caring about the story. From then on nothing makes enough sense for me to take the story seriously. The politician is evil, but the player hears no motives and there is no reason for him to develop powers, like the ability to fry people with electricity while holding on to them. You toss in some lame jokes to try and maintain interest but it just makes it worse. As for the music, some of the music was okay but very little of it fit the actual settings. To top it all off even you say the game sucks, if a game you make sucks you shouldn't just release it anyway, you should perfect it so it meets your standards. I'm not saying that you suck or that you can't make games, all I'm saying is that you set the bar too high, you should have tried making a smaller game first so that you could perfect it, or you should have made a level or two perfect to start and then gone from there. You have potential, it's just that you have to focus on the game rather than on cutscenes and extras and medals. By the way, I didn't like the game at first but I forced myself to play it as far as I could until I really just hated it, the fish boss was annoying in an already annoying water level, which the game could have done without, and while I could have beaten it, I was just fed up with the game at that point. Anyway I'm saying this just so you know that I played the game further on so I could make an informed review rather than just saying that it sucked.

All in all this game had potential, but all the extra stuff just takes away from the already somewhat lacking gameplay elements. I recommend trying again with something new, but outline the ideas first. Make sure that you know exactly what kind of game it will be and stick to that plan. Outline the story and if it starts to get to ridiculous, see if you can end it in a satisfactory way, but most important of all put the gameplay first and iron out all the bugs and annoying parts before focusing too heavily on things like cutscenes. Oh, and also make sure that you try again no matter what because if you don't work at it you won't be able to prove all the people who hate this gane wrong.

Congratulations on finishing!

Hey, it's ShinsukeIto here!

Firstly, just wanted to congratulate you on finishing the game, I think I know how hard you've been working at it this whole time.

Firstly I'll mentions the pros:
Leaderboards - I thought they were really awesome, gives it more of a multiplayer feel.
Variety - I feel the variety included in the game was great, such as the different levels, customisation and unlockables.
Cutscenes - Light humour, and pretty well presented.
Medals + Unlockables - These made the game a lot less bland.
Music - Nice picks, made the game way more enjoyable... except for Comatose City, I thought that did not match. Man I loved that chicken song.
Sunshine Plains - That was so fun going so fast... until the flying part.

Now for some cons:
Bugs - Some minor control and boundary issues
Difficulty curve - Well actually, it's more like the lack of a difficulty curve and in its place, lots of spikes. Some levels I flew by, others I had to retry like a bajillion times.
Flying - God, I thought that was annoying. Good variety idea, but not implemented well.

Well, I think I covered most of it... Anyway great game, maybe with a few improvements here and there, it'd be sweet as.

btw, I'm currently 92% on The Parliament so I might not have fully experienced the game. But seriously, this level is impossible.

Psychofig responds:

Thank you for the review. The Parliament is very hard, and if you have trouble passing it, well think, there is a medal for passing it without losing health! Yikes.

Well I enjoyed it

I just had fun even if it was a simple idea where you just ran. Though a cut scene skip button would be nice.

2yrs? A for effort?

personally i couldnt stand the cut scenes with all their badly used cliches n overly dramatic stuff. I could of done with better controls instead of watching the main characters body parts independently move around and blink for five minutes just to see him only able to run and spin and still get killed by everything. The only person who got their ass kicked was me by playing this game. I didnt really like it sorry. Maybe it magically got awesome later but the first level wasn't enough to keep me interested enough to find out. Good luck next time.