Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

Great game

I love the gameplay and mechanics, you got a great game engine here. You should work with an artist to make an even better game. The only reason I'm giving this a nine is because of the average graphics.

Not nearly as bad as everyone says

I think it is a fantastic game. It is a flash game that i can play for a long time without being bored. The graphics were fine. The music may have been ripped, but who cares? Is that a bad thing to rip good music. Great job!

TWO years!?

OMG PEOPLE, review and score the game, dont review and score one song! "Sonic Unleashed music! I love that so much." And i know this was your first attempt, so some advice: You tried to revolutionize the platforming genre with a spin attack and made the game way to long. What you should have done was focus your time(which by the sounds of it you have alot of) on a shorter game and polish it. Make the graphics and animations smoother, decide on a few songs(originals perhaps?), not half the audio portal. And then you might have struck gold, because comparing this to the rest of the content on here nowadays, it seems like this was made 10 years ago.

It's ok

It's like a one time play game, and if you make another one, please make like a skip video button, seriously. Their voices are annoying.


It's far better than people are making it seem. It should at least have 4 in my honest opinion. I wished for a little more level in each planets, but it's still very good. I wasn't bored with it and try to get the achievements as much as I could, sometime I just couldn't do the time. At the time I write this, I'm 8th of all time in the night carnival level. I'm sure I'll get overpowered soon. The secret is knowing the pattern. For anyone having problems, the platform pattern repeats itself after a certain number of time. Once you get that, you can get as high as you wish. Anyhow, I'm not done with this and I'm heading back to it right away. Very very good game. Needs a sequel (unless this game is sequel proof, I don't know the ending yet).