Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

I really want to like this game but I can't.

While this is a good game overall what cannot be ignored are the poor level designs and choices made. For example, during the flying parts one hit from any wall will send you falling to your death, I found this really frustrating during gameplay as it meant that from one little mistake I had to start the whole sequence all over again. Another gripe I had was that there were no checkpoints for any of the boss battles. While this didn't bother me too much for most of the bosses, I had to keep redoing the battle for the last boss because I had touched a wall during the flying sequences. I hope you keep these things in mind for your next game, as I'm sure that you've learned a lot from the development of this one.


It won't load. It gets to about [ ] That much left to go and stops

Great Job

Great job on this game! Kudos! Just one thing: You left out the credits for the song used for the Cheeseworld level... WTH?


just awesome

Impresive young padawon

THis games has a solid storyline, funny cutscenes, ans challenging acheivements. (Basically to wrap it up) bravo.