Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

Not Worth 2 Years man

This looks like a basic not good game man. The Cut scenes where Terrible and annoyed the shit out of me. And the Actual game action was boring and dull

I would take 2 more years to make a good game


Well, it's got some interesting music and pretty nice graphics. Unfortunately, that's all it's got. I've been able to do the whole "scroll from left to right while collecting floating circles" thing since Super Mario Brothers... it has grown a bit old after twenty or so years.

This is bad.

The tutorial is way to cluttered. It's hard to focus when there are so many text boxes taking up the middle of the game screen. For the love of god, please allow me to skip your shit cutscenes. This game doesn't run very well either. The guy just tends to flinch around and doesn't respond to controls so well. What little i did play was boring. I would spend another 2 years polishing this turd up.

I got bored on level 3...

Seriously, this game is very bad. It's the same over and over again, and it is so repetitive, level 4 showed me how boring it is. Be creative! Don't be afraid of adding random things that might be funny. :P (Like more ways to kill enemies, and more enemies for a start? xO)

Nothing good but nothing bad either

In my own opinion, I think the effort you put into this game really payed off. The missions elect screen, the music, the cutscenes, even the intro gave me the impression that this was a well put together game. And it is, the graphics, I think, are what you aimed for, not to be too flashy or too stand out but your own personal style.

The reason this isn't a ten is because when I played, I felt like I've played a game like this before. There isn't right much to the gameplay at all. Simple sidescroller. There wasn't really much too it. I hate to be this harsh considering you spent two years on this but there isn't very much which makes it standout. I'd at least implement a customisation feature as, come on, it's robots. Also, more attacks and more unique enemies.

All in all, this game is well put togeher but the gameplay isn't anything we haven't seen before.