Reviews for "Moovlin PC"

Not as bad

I think the idea might be good, this is fun, but the tutorial may be too much longer, the scenario is ridiculous like the voices and the game is too repetitive, so that we are bored at the fourth world we do cause this is always the same thing and many may leave without viewing the rest of your work.
There are many medals, and the game seems to be big, you seem to have worked a lot for it, but the graphisms are not great and the controls may not be enough precise, there are some collision bugs and other stuff annoying, the song is nice but really you should have worked more for the scenario, or even delete it 'cause this gets quickly boring and senseless


Sorry, I just played the tutorial, and I already know that this game is gey. Everything is just so try hard. Why does the robot have emo hair? Why does it look like a string puppet? What was the point of *making* me do the tutorial? Just give me the controls. Why can't I jump or do other moves in the tutorial until you tell me about it. WTF? What the hell is a "spin traverse"? He just spins around like a moron. Wow. Why does it say "Awesome! But you aren't finished yet."? That is just so gey. Just tell me the goddam controls and get on with it.

Meh. Looks like you put in a lot of effort, so I will give it a shot. Maybe my rating of 6/10 is premature, but I just know that the rest of the game is going to be just as annoying.


this is so cool that i can't say anything else (speachless)


wow dude that was one of the best flash jump'n' runs i've ever played!
Reminds me of the good old 2D sonic games.

Some small bugs are spoiling the 10, but really dude, go on like that!


not good dude

the controls are WAY too simple and i dont see how 2 yrs could make this....Maybe if u didnt say it was a 2 year thing, i wouldve made a better rating....the cut scenes weren't even better..they were bland and boring..