Reviews for "Moovlin PC"


2nd Today


It's an interesting idea but the game is just too glitchy. The directions kept sticking which resulted in dying many times. Also it seems like a 2D knock-off of Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic.

The Music

The end of stage music is from Sonic Unleashed, its only remixed a little.

Simply the best game I have played on NG.

I signed up so that I could write a review about this game. This game is completely underrated here and I highly recommend that everybody plays through the entire thing before making assumptions about it.

The first cinematic starts out pretty boring, and at first, the game seems like a normal platformer. After you play the first 4 or so levels, I automatically assumed this could be a C-Level platformer, not worthy of any credit whatsoever.

But I kept playing, and boy, was it amazing. The cutscenes get really good and the story takesa dramatic turn (bobby dies) and a ton of new gameplay elements are given to the player. Level design is absolutely fabulous and the graphics are stunning all the way through. Animation may leave a bit to be desired,but still,the package is masterful.

Voice acting is probably the strongest part on the presentation aspect. Everybody got into character and delivered each line perfectly. I never thought I would believe a robot character could be so lively. Yes, at first he seems glum, but as the game changes, so does his mood!

Gameplay was the best part of the entire game however. I didn't try to get the medals, but I can see how people could spend hours over hours trying to get first place on a map. Judging by the scoreboards, it seems like the creator of the game is still the triumphant. :P

Everything played extremely well. I have a 1.3Ghz computer and NOTHING LAGGED. Seriously, the game played smooth at all times. There were brief pauses when loading,but that is expected from a game this massive. Back to gameplay, the moves all responded when I wanted them to, and I think this is the first platformer I have a played without any cheap deaths. I never fell off of a cliff when I didn't expect to and I never was hit by an invisible barrier surrounding enemies. The game design is almost perfect.

Sound is amazing to. Kudos to the author for having amazing taste. I can memorize every single song in this game and there is massive variety all around. I would never hear the same song in a level, and I don't even understand how somebody could put so much music into a game like this. Sound effects were funny too. Not to mention the Cheeseworld song, which is absolutely hilarious.

Time will judge this game, and while right now it may be under valued by the scum of Newgrounds, I assure you this is a top notch game which deserves everybody's time and effort to play through time and time again. None of the little flaws and bugs in the game fault it from being one of the best flash games of all time. Meat Boy and Fancy Pants can move over, because we have a new king of flash platformers. Moovlin.

I really hope you make a sequel with an even zanier story and leave the gameplay untouched. Games like these are what should be made on the PSP or iPod Touch. This is a full game and I cannot express how much I love it.

5th in robot factory!

fun game played it all on mute though... not the best call for midnight carnival