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Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

Nice work Bruh, I like all them sly smug jokes in the background lol had me laughing,

Wow how did this one slide pass me?

Hahaha wow I gotta say that was really cool! Can't say I understand much of the story just some futristic science corporation competing with religion or some crap I dunno done in an anime style with black people.

That said I am digging the whole animation and voice acting. The humor, the action just about everything!

That said I hope a part 2 is in the works...or is even up! Imma check!

JazLyte responds:

Thanks buddeh :) Yeah alot of people don't get the story, I think back when I was writing it I didn't understand the value of simplicity. This is actually part 2, there's one before it, and I'm working on a 3rd right now. Glad it made you cheese fine sir

i like this but i wish the visuals were aLittle better other than that this is a masterpiece

wow thats interesting

I'm Still waiting for magical cracks rock to be real I need the powers but anyway love the style and the story Love the satire in it as well and the faces at the end with the chedder burger