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Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"


Fan-Freakn-Tastic...although i dont like how tacos cost $79 in the future...

JazLyte responds:


not bad

work on the lipsicing and really work on your looping and itl be nice.

JazLyte responds:

Definitely have, definitely will.


Every vid yu make isether badass or funny yu got ma props bro

To match the burger!

This jumped from one thing to another so fast, it was harder to keep track of where the heck the story was going than it was to keep track of the fight scene.
The ONLY enjoyable part was the satire you included about Naruto, because let's face it, what self-respecting person out there doesn't despise or hate sasuke and all affiliated?
The insults thrown at religion weren't even on the sly side, so its not like you put effort into it; bit of a waste if you ask me, if you were thinking to make fun of such things, you could have made more clever.
You have somehow managed, to at the same time insult african american culture and re-inforce beliefs which correlate them to crime drugs and illegal use of arms, never mind the gang fights.
I'd like to give you at least one star for the effort you've put into the animation, but this is possibly your worst work yet; you could have dedicated your genius to something much much better; in reference to this, I'm going to mention Eunice, yeah, that was much better, and it made even less sense than this.

Hope you find your style before you carry on to waste time into other blunders like this one.


JazLyte responds:

Haha. I agree with you about the story, it's pretty amateurishly done, I've learned a lot since I started this one 2 years ago, but most of everything else you complained about was done rather intentionally. No, the insults to religion weren't sly, I wasn't trying to be. I made this with the intention of being blunt, if you're religious, I'm...well... I'm not sorry I offended you, but I hope you understand that this cartoon's target audience isn't religious people.

As for insulting black American culture... really? This cartoon has nothing to do with race whatsoever. I draw predominantly black characters because people draw what they can relate to, I'm black... I'm around mostly black people, it's just habit, same as how white people typically draw white people and Japanese people typically draw Japanese people. I like making action cartoons, and riots/violence over ideals is an interesting topic to me, it would have been dumb for me to say, "Oh well violence between black people is stereotypical so I'm not going to do this." Are only white people and asians allowed to have violence/action in their cartoons because of dumb stereotypes? Every race fights. Every race has gangs. Every race does drugs. I don't know what you want me to tell you, if I was trying to insult my own race I'd have just gone ahead and done it, after all I do lack subtlety don't I? :3

I wouldn't call this my worst work, it's the 2nd longest I've spent on anything, sorry you don't like it. It is what it is, I've done better I've done worse, and will continue to. Actually, I'm not sorry, but I appreciate the honest opinion though, gave me a good laugh :D

stars and a face book like for you

XD only for you >_>

JazLyte responds:

D'awww! :3