Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"


haha cheese burger! really! i love this you should make more!

nice flash

your probably one of the few artist on this site that can pull off nice anime style flash with out sacrifacing anything else. The movements were smooth and the storyline was pretty good. The voice acting was good and i have to say the last scene were jazz got his burger was pretty funny. Overall a damn good flash.

Wazz Cookin

Cool flash... i wish i could give this 100 stars...
Shadowfox beats are on point.


grr...r..r..AWESOME =D

lol I'm just now righting a review for this.

When Jazz does the ultimate 20 piece combo on dude after doing a spin from off the floor that has to be one of the coolest moments in Necropolis history. Like, got damn! You just don't see that kind of animated fighting from an independent animator.

You still need a new mic though but I won't hold that against ya.

Perfect music, it really sets the tone.

JazLyte responds:

'Preciate it man :). I'm going to top that, going for 30 hits next episode EXCELSIOR!