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Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

What amazing artwork

Your style in your animation is exquisite and brings a flavor to newgrounds. I hope you build on this. =) Good luck.

Oh man!

This is the best boondock-fancartoon-anime-shoutout i've ever seen! <3

Your friend, salt!


I love the mix of humor, and the style of animation. the concept was great. 10/10

i have a lot to say

my computer is a little out dated so the animation for me was a bit laggy. but that does not make me think it was bad. infact if i had a newer computer i bet the animation would be really fluid. the plot is so vast that you would need a few episodes just to cover the basics of what you want the audience to understand. that and since it was a little shorter than what it shouldve been the character development was almost impossible to accomplish. i likie the style of animation very cool the idea that you tried to convey again is so unbelievably vast you should invest in making more episodes. i would gladly help you with this im a writer so making a story is what i do if your looking for some help id gladly help you with a script. another thing i noticed was that i didnt really get a good understanding of the main character. this was due most likely because of the shortness of the video. ill help if you would like just PM me and we'll go from there. but aside from all that really good job i can tell you worked hard on this.

Really Good

Obvious 10 out of 10. I like the concept and the animation was really good. Voice acting could use work and the plot was really jerky.

Anyhow, good work. Hey, if you need a voice actor just pm me. :D