Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

amazing boondocks shoutout

amazing!! loving the anime urban twist, very hard to pull it off without seemingly ripping off anime style, perfect execution

I was never one for titles.

As for the overall video, it was at a great level of sophistication in every little detail you added. The exposition of the urban society throughout the movie gave depth to the storyline; showing rather than narrating the violent society Jazz lives in, and the constant conflict in the world around him, and how it parallels his inner struggle to find answers. The question he asks is evident of his thoughtful, almost philosophical nature that thirsts for knowledge, making him an interesting protagonist to follow.

And to answer that question:
If you're talking about the Christian God, you have to accept the concept of their God in His entirety. That is, it would be unfair to take an engine out of a car then complain about it not driving. In the same way, you acknowledged God's omniscience, but you neglected to mention his omnipotence-- his ability to do all things, even things beyond our comprehension. This allows him to do things such as defy paradoxes. Free will and an omniscient creator would be a paradox, so it may not be a satisfying answer, but it is the simplest truth- "He wills it and thus it is so."
I realize that I'm speaking to an atheist majority here, but I implore you to at least consider this perspective, since you are referring to a God that I presume isn't yours (yet, hopefully). Thanks for reading, for those who have read this far.

The graphics were smooth and effective, and the audio had simple intricacy-- made up of many individual details, yet they fit together to flow smoothly instead of sounding like bits chopped together like most action videos do (the city scenes were especially nice). Although, the voice overs were a bit scratchy, which didn't seem to do this great video justice-- perhaps invest in a high quality mic, because I'm sure there'll be demand for more episodes for quite a while. The style of animation was Samurai Champloo-esque; a style especially fitting for the storyline.

Overall, 10/10 5/5. I'd hope to see many more episodes in the future. I'll be waiting.


Your animations and voice acting jobs are top notch!
I also love the fact that you indirectly trivialize the following issues:
1. Atheistic vs Christians
2. The violent in cities becoming everyday life ( I'm keeping my country ass out of there)
3. Pettiness of people just to prove a point.
Your work is Excellent. Keep it up!
PS: Know anyway to change a username? I've been trying for a while and still don't know how.


Dude I love it and the idea of the whole thing. I just feel it could of been way better then it was put out to be. Yes some parts of it had some great detail in it and it was amazing but then some of it didnt match the greatness of the others. I know that this probably took a long time but if you give it a lil more effort and make it exceptionally well, dude you'll have a great creation. Keep the story line and continue on with this. Im sure you'll do a great job.

one of the things Id like to see be its own series

you have kind of an urban anime theme going on here. like boondocks but a bit eastern in texture. presents some deep philisophical points of religion and classism against the hardcore street violence and moral decay of the streets. all in all this contrast of rich to poor, east to west, cultured and ignorant creates a great struggle for the protaganist jazz to attempt to understand about why others are the way they are and how he can justify fighting for a cause that no one else understands. he is poor and wants the violence to end while the rich oorganizations think him trash for not being upper class and the other poor around him just want the rich to end up dead, jazz seeks what seems to be an impossible goal of peacefull solution, the samuri that walks the earth in search of inner tranquility in a world filled with violence and moral decay. and who is right? is there a god? are we all pre ordained to end up in one destiny or another? is there even truely choice? his search for his self, coming off as deep but far from having all the answers (more like just good at finding more and more questions) becomes the audiences search for themselves through his strife. seriously , keep going with this. its a little like afro samuri too, or maybe cowboy beebop. hell I'd even be a creative consultant if you like, this seems like it could go all the way to network television.

JazLyte responds:

...Ya know, I normally don't respond to any review that has the word Boondocks in it, but I gotta give it to you, you somehow nailed the idea behind the series on the head perfectly when I was 99% sure I had failed to put the point across (I guess I don't want to be overly serious either with these toons). I don't know how you managed to find that through all the problems I've been having telling the story right, but this review made my day lol. Preciate it.