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Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

Yoooo...this shit is dope!

This was a great cartoon although I admit it kind of went on a bit too long. I noticed stuff in the background. It would only be better if they did something like make fun of how we're reading it. You did! There's a sign that says, "Stop reading this!". How clever!

Anyway, I really loved the commentary in this episode. Apparently, Evolve is an actual organization. Hey, I believe in that and I'm religious. I love talking about religion too. The animation's mostly great.

Love your fighting scenes man!
And that ending! XD

I really do like the background sky It's so pretty usually they make it black or dark but yours is purplish that's really pretty. But then again I love your animating skills

I Loved this!! The urban atmosphere was so sleek and cool looking, especially with all the electric feeling color combinations. Those things like small animations in the background also make the whole world come to life even more...it really felt like everyone shown had their own story. Whatever you do next, I'll be rooting for you!