Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

Welcome back to Newgrounds!!!

The story here was interesting as is the main character. I admire the sort of outsiders who question athourity expecially hypocrtical religious athourity. Anyway keep working at it, if you ever need an extra writer let me know.

Oh FYI stem cell research has the potential to cure crippled people someday, which is why it's so important.

JazLyte responds:

I never left man! :P And I know about stem cell research and am not against it.

Holy balls

I found this after looking through Sapphires workings (I like to branch off of people like that a lot), and go figure this was the first piece of yours I saw. I've watched the entirety of your DevilSlayer series (EVERYTHING involving Jazz and co), and this has to be one of my favorite hand drawn series on newgrounds now. I really like the improvements that you've made over the years, and have enjoyed watching the group develop. Thoroughly interested in seeing where this goes. I'll be watching good sir. n.n

JazLyte responds:

Why thank you mister


Im new to newgrounds and made an account just to tell this guy he must return my brain after using my ideas in this piece. This is the compilation of every stray thought of all things awesome EVER!! I dare young jazz to stop doing what he does, that'll be the day newgrounds shuts down.

JazLyte responds:

LMAO I highly doubt that, but I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Another great Necropolis cartoon.

I'm glad to see another Necropolis cartoon. Pretty much my comments about the previous Necropolis cartoon are the same about this one. Good animation, great voice acting (although some of voices could use better mikes), and cool characters. We need more cartoons on NG like this. My only wish is that in later episodes, the characters would get fleshed out more, not to mention the storytelling could use better continuity. I would also like to learn more about the backgrounds of the characters, and why they do what do. Thanks for finally letting me know that this series takes place in the year 3313.

JazLyte responds:

Thanks for the great review. Eh, I don't want to get into flashbacks though, that never seems to end well. I don't want anybody thinking that there's a main character here, or any type of heroes or villains. Every character's pretentious, depraved and violent in their own little way. We're all evil and that's what counts :D (Just like real life)

So much talent.

Another truly amazing work. The story is unique and deep, something not customary for NG, so that alone is pretty damn good. The VAs are talented and I recognize a few of them.

The art and the animation is so damn smooth and vivid, the environment and backgrounds are so detailed and given a lively presence that is admirable and to be honest, something I wish I was good at.

I wish there were more projects like this on NG. The site could use a break from the constant use of "cock jokes"

JazLyte responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :) I get exactly what you mean, but I suppose I can't complain too much. Most people either come here for comedy or games so that's the market right now, and I know what I'm getting into. Even still, the site admins are feature-friendly even to long-winded stuff like mine when I need it, so I'm cool with it. I like a good dick joke once in awhile my damn self anyway :P But I'm not gonna stop making pretentious flashime anytime soon.