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Reviews for "//Necropolis Synergy"

what the boondocks

could have been..if they had decent producers


78 bucks for a taco

good series

its the small things you put in the background that make it shine

Excellent Dialogue/Characterization

Overall, the high point of this movie was the dialogue, although I think Jazz said, "piss people off" a bit too much, and it got repetitive.

The only low point was the action sequence which moved a bit too fast, obscuring the characters, so at times I didn't know who was whooping ass and who was getting their ass whooped. Also, while I like the style of movement used to animate people, it went a bit over the top at points, with people jumping and throwing other people while in the air along with basically all the high-flying stuff, where people looked more like they were made of rubber and elastic.

But maybe that's just your animation style, and having a signature animation technique is great. I'd just enjoy some of that larger-than-life action more if I could understand everything that was going on during those sequences.


I NEED MORE! real nice animation! nice timing and movement... it is awesome!