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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

Poorly programmed.

This isn't annoying simply because it tries to be. Limbo was the same, and that game was awesome. However, what Limbo didn't do was employ controls that were so unresponsive that it was almost impossible to pull off a jump at the right time and speed, which is especially unforgivable in this game considering just how many of those leaps require pin-point accuracy. Also, just the one track that loops (with about ten minutes of silence in between) and no sound effects is simply amateurish.

Challenge is not an excuse for incompetence. Try harder next time.

Great game but...

to short meh D:


Maybe a restart button just for that 100 pt medal.


To be honest it's not that annoying.. i actually enjoyed it ;)
Some thing were very obvious. And other thing very clever, have to admit. Not just a daily game. This one i will remember. I can understand it would be annoying if you go for the no death medal.

You must make another one MUST. Please..

My favourite part is when he is tripping, cause i like to trip it to every now and than. And it feeld AWESOME. Really try you won't regret it.

Awesome Game! (Title fits it :P)

ahaha, wow that's hard! Reminds me all too much of a little game known as Syobon Action... stupid cat mario... Great game though! Love the sound track, and the animation / gameplay is excellent! Very nice sense of humor too. Keep up the good work!

P.S. If i ever meet you in real life, i'ma punch you in the face for all the pitfalls you made :P


tap5y responds:

I'll better stay away from you then :D:D