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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"


how to get past SAFE BRIDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEED HELPPPP!!!

the idea was cool

is one of the best and most funny games of "survive" that i never play, the character was funny and perfect for the job....there are some holes when you are going to die and sometimes the worms doesnt activate...but doesnt matter the game isgood and you just need to fix it :D nice work

Well done!

I definitely liked this game. Quite similar in concept to 'I wanna be the flash game' but a much more reasonable number of traps and overall length. The first play through is indeed down to trial and error but after that it becomes a memory game. The fact that you put in lots of little details made it much easier to remember where the triggers were, like different shaped stones and tufts of grass. Once I'd figured out the timing of the chickens, the Invincible medal became quite achieveable.

I don't understand why people are complaining about the sliding and loose controls, I think that's just part of the character of the game. You just have to adjust your playing to take this into account. The jumping animation itself didn't feel as satisfying as it could have, the jumping action looked a little bit stiff. Although I guess you meant it to look that way as part of the comical nature of the character. His stupid grin was funny.

Areas that could be improved include the hit detect of the chickens, could be a little more forgiving.
And it was hard at times to determine where exactly was the last part of ledges that could be jumped off of. I found myself lacking in precision in places like the unicorn section, not because my timing was off but because it was unclear how near the edges I could go before the jump command wouldn't register.
Some of the walls and bottom of pits weren't solid and the character passed right through. I know a couple of these were on purpose but others I'm not so sure.
Also once or twice I passed through knife blades without being hurt, and a couple of times when I did get hurt by one there was no death animation of the character.
Sometimes the music loop would stop for a while and start back up again, and could've done with a mute button.
The 'try again' screen - if you're going to ask that question, make it a button instead of just automatically restarting. Anyway for these type of games where there tend to be a lot of deaths I'd prefer a snappy restart without an intermediate screen or animation. They tend to get irritating after a while.
These are all just small things though that I didn't think took too much away from the game.

Overall I enjoyed the game and the humour. Some of the traps or non-traps were cool additions, like the piano or the anvil/knife/bomb. And I was always second guessing those "safe spots". Excellent game for your first platformer!

Not bad, but could still use alot of improvement.

You had some nice jokes here, sadly they didnt make me laugh because the axe kind of surprised me with the gore(lulz). You should sharpen the controls, and id rate it an 8. The fact that you died atleast once on every trap was pretty bad too. Maybe show a hint when the ground is gonna collapse?


Make the controls sharper, and you have a nice game. At the moment, however, I'm just sliding everywhere when I move.....interesting game though.