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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"


WTF addicting but way too hard >=(


I cant pass the level where theres a giant pickle cuz i keep falling through the Next platform and i know i stepped right on it..I just fall right through and once i even ended up going all the way through the floor Past the meastro Platform and die after i fall through that D:

an irritaiting but a great game

i like this game so much , i started to play it 5 pm till 12 pm jajaja so adictive


THe music is epic
its annoying
and everything u wanted eh?

Aggravation does not equate to difficulty

Decent concept for a platform, but it's been done before and done more efficiently. The sliding wouldn't be an incredible problem but inconsistent jumping only gives the illusion of difficulty without adding any actual challenge.

If the jumping controls were made more reliable and the visual cues hinting at a platform giving away like the tufts of grass, we'll have a better product.