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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

Not so annoying little game

This game is not annoying at all. Most of the traps are just awesome(especially chikins). Only minus is the number of glitches.

And the INVINCIBLE-medal is not hard to get. All people who complain about it are just lazy bitches who got no patience. Thanks for the game.

Pretty good except

the cave of blades medal didn't work, the invincible medal is basically impossible, the "E" key is rarely used, once I fell through a trap, and landed right by the first checkpoint and had to start over, and therefor it deserves it's name. The Annoying little game. The game was fun, just very annoying.


damn that the spot where you die how can you pass this?

Good..but Geez 'Dude', CHILL!!

This thing is damn too hard to be finnished without a Death, I mean, even in the 1st level there's a place where you absolutely can't avoid being killed (didn't specify where, u find out...)


I realized I am bad at trial and error as I repeated the same deaths many times. You should definitely upload this music to the Audio Portal, or tell the author to do it if it's not your music.