Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

Nice safe bridge *g*

A tiny hint about the safe bridge *g* ... take the sign serious, "there might be a trigger" ... so what do we if there might be a trigger ... a HIDDEN trigger ;)

I love the sweet chicken of doom. ^^

How do i pass the "Safe bridge"

It's impossible

Good, but needs work

Ok so it's a fun game but here is some stuff you should change to get a few extra points.
1) The music doesn't loop properly (good music though, very catchy)
2) Runs very slowly (I don't know enough about flash to know how to fix that though)
3) Dead screen is way too long (as others have pointed out)

missin' the spikes

On the higher levels, it's possible to miss the spikes and keep falling towards earlier parts. If you than pass an earlier save point, you have to start from there again...
If this is a mistake, look into it. If it was but in there to severly piss off the player, well played sir...


nice comedy, good originality. However, there were many places where glitches made you fall. Also, If you fell and hit a check point, you were registered to that checkpoint, then faced with regaining the ground you lost.