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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"


Very fun and challenging and as stated below its been a while since I have played a game too where its a relief to hit a checkpoint. Do not I repeat DO NOT add mre checkpoints No matter how much ppl whine and cry lol.
P.S. It may jus be this Computer at work but its kinda laggy especially whilst jumping. Speaking of haha I love the face made while you jump lol fuckin great

if u is having trouble....

When u get to teh worms if u (tip toe) by rapidly pressing the drection u want to travel in and teh worms will not get u!!!!=)


A good test for those of us who think gaming has gotten too mushy and 'casual'...

Difficult and cheap, which is it's charm and selling point, it's also got a really good sense of humour. Genuinely made me feel relief when I hit the next checkpoint and struggling through to the end gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction!

I died heaps and laughed most times I did, how I didn't get the weakling trophy i'll never know, guess i'll have to try harder (less?) next time.

The only reason I'm not giving it a 10 is because the looping music didn't quite work, there was a large pause and then it would start up again. I wouldn't complain if the small audio loop the game has was the only music you wanted, that's fine, it's just it didn't seem to work properly.

Otherwise awesome job! The flash equivalent of Demon's Souls

This is pure epicness!

I wuuvvvv it!


this type of game is very frustrating...
and hard
and small number of check point
and not warning for people with depresion...
and this stupid smile...
i hate this