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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

it's ok

i have seen better ones but this one is pretty good. when he says ANNOYING little game, he means it. everyone's saying it's f****ing annoying and he's rating it 4 and 5 and 6 he is not right. that's the point of the game. he wanted to make you annoyed.
have to say i got annoyed, too and i left it like 10 minutes later,but i enjoyed it. niec work keep it up!
8/10 4/5

Too many /b/ullshit tricks

Aww i died ill try again

(1000000000 deaths later)


ppiece of shit

annoying piece of crap with horrible song


...pretty much descibes my feelings during the game.
It's not so depressing when you play it with the check points and the invinite lives,
but if you want the "invincible medal" you have to do it in one run (PS: SCORE!)
and that's the pain (after a while your memory will remember everything).
I think this game was funny and it smelled obviously like /b/. ;D
The only negative point; there are some glitches.
- On my very first run there was no elevator/lift and when I walked to the right,
I fell through the stone wall.
- The "RUN!" "KEEP RUNNING!" part had a glitch too. If you stay on the moving bridge till it stops, you can't jump anymore. The only way to jump is the edge.
At the first time I fell down and had to start from the last, last check point again.
The second time I reached the save ground, but I was not on the ground, I was in the ground.
- The writing on the stones "Almost there" and "Just a bit further" won't stay in the background. But I think this glitch has no influence on the gameplay.
Just saying. But overall it's a good game.
Drop another one please.


yup... so anoying ¬¬