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Reviews for "The Annoying Little Game"

I'm being serious

I honestly want to know if I'm the only person here who dealt with the HORRIBLE controls in this game. CONSTANT button sticking of both the kind where a direction didn't work and a direction kept happening (i.e. constantly jumping without touching the up arrow.) I really want to know if this was just me, a game mechanic to give it that "Annoying" feel you were going for or whatever else. I can't only assume that this is ont of those games where random stuff kills you throughout to e funny, but I couldn't tell because I kept dying as the floor fell beneath me on the second hazard and I either couldn't stop going Left, Right, or jumping and died every time... except once when I got to the checkpoint, then got stuck constantly jumping, jumped OVER the checkpoint and died. Seriously I want to know if this was just me (and I checked, no sticky keys and EVERYTHING else works just fine including other games.) In fact, I won't even rate this game just in case it's just my computer... but I doubt it.

Anyone who rated lower than a 8 is a little kid.

In all honesty I loved this game and I may not have finished it (because the music pissed me off) but you have found a way to make it so that even you die it's still enjoyable so kudos, this isn't a bad game at all good job guys :D

Pretty okay

It's intertaining, and I love the meme references :D


I were by the pink safe spot signs and then i jumped into the whole after them and fell thrugh the whole game and (wich pissed me of) i fell thrugh the first checkpoint so i had to start over from there...

Not enjoyable

I've finished it and yes, this game is annoying. It's not enjoyable, as most of the stuff is random and lacks cleverness, with actions being based on invisible triggers. Due to that, tends to be more random trial&error instead of being game of skill. Also lack in programming, a lot of glitches.