Reviews for "Trains"


This is a video that someone would make right before they take it in the butt.

MorrowDays responds:


Fun Video!

Personally, I really enjoyed this. I thought the animation was really neat, and I also enjoyed the music. I like to think there is some sort of deep story to this. Is he going to work? Meeting a loved one? We'll never know! Good work!


Kinda boring movie. Didn't goanywhere really. Maybe it was my computer but sound was bad, liked the animation though, cool.

Really didn't like it

The animation could be relaxing, but with that BAD music it was HORRIBLE!!!1!!
It could be better if you just add an other song, and play it not loud, and add some train noices, but than it wasn't good also, just regular


LeprechaunDH is right. You made me log on just to write a bad review - but I'm not flaming. Could you please respond to me and tell me the point of this flash? I'm no animator but I think I could have done better.

MorrowDays responds:

the whole point was to get you to log in
touché right