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Reviews for "Trains"


LeprechaunDH is right. You made me log on just to write a bad review - but I'm not flaming. Could you please respond to me and tell me the point of this flash? I'm no animator but I think I could have done better.

MorrowDays responds:

the whole point was to get you to log in
touché right

This makes no sense

All it is, is him just getting on a train and then leaving it. No interesting thing occurs, the video just bores me, I'd rather stare at a white wall. The animations were like a 5 year old did them.....5 year old. Music was just pitiful....just pitiful.

it´s ok

well...., I see a very imaginative work right here, trains are very psychodelic and the idea is very innovating, I have to congratulate you for doing the music, but it´s so repetitive.... and the flash is simple, well I see a nice idea that could be better exploited

nice work

And sorry for my english

Not bad

Everyones got to try out a particular style to become good at something, its a great try but its not quite there yet.
Some people have outright blammed you but i comend you for doing something against the grain and a little bit different.
This submission is definately NOT a waste of time, if it helps you perfect your style and find a niche then i say its time well spent.

That was just annoying.

I hate animations/indie films that think just because you you use a weird style of animation and have oddly childish music in the background that it makes it artsy.

All style (horrible style) and no substance. I'd like to see even the slightest hint of plot, otherwise it's just a waste of precious human time and energy to even consider making it.

MorrowDays responds:

substance is style son
nobody gets that anymore; they're synonymous. Probably one of the greatest misconceptions in everything these days is that substance is limited to being a story. An animation, or a poster, song, whatever, can be substantial without a story.

Something can be substantial because of its message, its beauty, its story (yes) or its characters... the list goes on.

To limit your definition of substance to a story when watching animations and film could easily be compared to watching them through binoculars. you miss a lot.

I'm not saying my animation WAS 'substantially beautiful,' of course not. I made this animation to get back into the swing of animating and at the same time end up with a tangible, animated piece. If you don't like it, thats fine, but don't go 'indie' bashing because thats just stereotyping.

lastly, human energy really isn't that precious. we waste a lot of it. we waste it playing call of duty all the time, spending hours on unnecessary school assignments, etc. As I see it, the best way to spend your time is by doing what you love and doing it to improve your abilities. that's what I've done with this.

I haven't wasted any time at all.