Reviews for "Trains"

Very nice

I liked the style alot, the music was fitting to say the least. If you feel like you want to make something simular i say go for it. Could you enlighten me on the 'one subtle thing' ?

MorrowDays responds:

read back in the reviews, someone got it :)

ups for music

oh, and the movie was cool too.

srsly, seamless blend between music and animation.
good pacing. simple is often better. and will get better results.
as shown here....

garage band kills... (apparently)


It was totally like candy for me. I loved the scribbly style, it was cute.
As for the 'story', all I can say is "shit happens", but I don't see why it has to be just bad things.
What else to say? It was cute, it was candy, and I liked it enough for a 10. :]

train kept rollin

at the beggining the train looked wierd and the music kept repeating itself.
and at the ending it wouldove been nice have have more people aboard leave the train.

This was nice

I can see the effort, time and patience put into this piece, but it kind of lacked a story as a previous reviewer had said. The music was nice and relaxing. I liked that it wasn't stick figures and/or a gorefest. It also kind of seemed like he just rode the train just to ride it. He got off where he got on haha.