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Reviews for "Trains"


i do like this its good but its weird how the train keeps changing???

p.s. i 'kinda' agree with the guy below

Really cool bro

I really enjoyed this one. The animation, the backgrounds, the music. It was all so good and relaxing. I only wish it'd last longer.
Good job man. :D

MorrowDays responds:

thanks dude


I thought it was well designed... but pro and cons come with everything so..

1. Music- The fact that you make your own music is amazing. And that song that you put in the flash is something I would expect to hear on a train. Very soothing and calm. Fit perfectly.
2. Drawing style- I'm not sure if this is how you always draw or animate but I love the kind of abstract feeling to it. Where nothing really physically connects together but the bond is obvious.

1. UGH!- I hate hate hated how in one of the begining scenes the color of his head was almost identical to that of the sky. So it looked like a body without a head just standing there. Very annoying.
2. Purpose- Well I do thing I understand what you were trying to accomplish (nothing crazy action packed. a simple calming relaxing train ride) I do believe it could have used something a little more. I can't put my finger on it but it was lacking something like... umm.. "jazz hands" if you get the meaning.

All in all I really enjoyed the music and the flash. The way the face lit up when the train was comming in. I really like your style and I look forward to seeing you improve and create more wonderful flashes. ok im gonna go watch this again!!


MorrowDays responds:

I blame monitor colors!

lmao yeah his face was pretty close to the green, I do agree.


this was a nice calm, relaxing flash, i enjoyed it very much, i love the music and how it went along greatly with the niceblue train, and the calm setting...


i think i can sleep now i liked the art style reminded me of samurai jack at least a little

MorrowDays responds:

I love samurai jack, so any comparison to that show is an honor.

so thanks bud.