Reviews for "Trains"

I lovvveeee this.

I was in a really shitty mood, but when I saw this, I felt so safe and relaxed. Plus the experimental art you make is always very interesting. It's pretty simple, but really good.

MorrowDays responds:

thanks rutger
i'm glad you like the style of it, I wasn't sure what the reception would be like on that.

with whatever I do next Im thinking of animating the characters in big splotches first and then lines separately afterwards.. we'll see how that goes.

Interesting art

This could have been peaceful, but the music! The sound quality is just simply terrible. If anything, it made me tense (and I was relaxed when I clicked play).

Good Try But is kinda boring

This is good in a small way, The music gets on you a bit like huh? The animation was k, The Point of loving being on trains is very understandable... but that train freaky lookin. Nice job making to FP


I wasn't sure if I dosed of for a few scenes there, couldn't tell because they looked all the same. I was wondering if there was going to be some sort of suprising shot but there was nothing.

I know you were probably going for the curious and imaginative style that would provide a multitude of positive veiws, but you douldn't do it well. To repetetive and dull. Same colour sceme. Try to mix it up a little and make it more colourful.

Same drawing style though, I liked that, keep that.

you're back!

I really missed seeing your stuff, I love the feeling of your work... unpredictable fast motions, and camera shakes balanced by still and very peaceful shots, it's a highly expressive style of animation.

you get a yes.

MorrowDays responds:

thanks boooooogley
you put that very nicely!

camera effects are something I really want to put more time into one of these days. they're fun.