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Reviews for "Trains"

This was nice

I can see the effort, time and patience put into this piece, but it kind of lacked a story as a previous reviewer had said. The music was nice and relaxing. I liked that it wasn't stick figures and/or a gorefest. It also kind of seemed like he just rode the train just to ride it. He got off where he got on haha.

good style

i liked the art style. and i really liked the song. i was kind of bored though by the end, and after it became apparent nothing was really happening it was kind of a struggle to wait for the end. but like i said i do like your style, and im going to check out some more of you submissions after seeing this.


I want to like this, but I don't. I see no subtle hidden meaning, no nothing. If this was just meant to be what it looks like then it not only doesn't appeal to people who like ultra-violence, but it also doesn't appeal to anyone who isn't currently high and will be entertained by anything. I do understand that you put effort into this so I didn't just zero bomb it like others. Next time try and add a plot to your flash? That's where more of your effort should go. Into planning these kind of things.


Loved it.