Reviews for "Trains"


This was a neat little cartoon. Very futuristic and simple. And looks like you were experimenting with multiple things in one flash. Which was not always a good thing. At some parts you would just tween the train while at other parts you would animate it as a bunch of rectangles.

The music fit the theme well but was very monotonous. It got stale after a while and I really wish you would have put more in it.

MorrowDays responds:

thanks man, good advice.




I read back in the reviews like you told Jefpef to do and... is the "subtle thing" how he gets on the train just to enjoy the ride? because thats the only thing i can see it being...
anway... I liked the soft feeling the abstactness to the whole thing and this helped me get more tired because I was actually about to go lay down from a long night lol so thanks? =P nice job

MorrowDays responds:

thanks boregamer
thats not the 'subtle thing', but someone else got it.

lmao usually you don't want your animation to put people to sleep but I guess in this case its a good thing :)

Wow. I am amazed

The quality of the animation is not very good but... one thing i cant quite catch makes up for it all! this is just beautiful, this has a kind of beauty so light only some can understand. it just lightens my day.

I love this. And i wouldnt get tired of seeing it one million times!!!



I guess I enjoyed this movie. And I loved the style, simple but accomplished what it needed.

My critique: Could of had a little more story behind it, possibly he meets a girl on the train and you could show them holding hands or viewing out the window.
Though the music was fitting, tit could have had more variety, it got repetitive around the end.
Also, the imagery got a little repetitive as well, though every scene was pulled off nicely there could of been more variety (e.g. the part about him meeting a girl).

All in all a nice movie that I'm giving a 4/5 for the effort, just remember to work on your storyline and your movies will be great.

MorrowDays responds:

lol boy meets girl is a bit done with for my liking, but I get what your saying.
will do :)