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Reviews for "Trains"


Kick ass!

what a load of rubbish

this is crap!


My low rating is mostly on account of the 'ear-splitting' music. The animation was nice, and the colors were calm. As you mentioned, there was no "ultra-violence", which is a nice change from what I usually see. It looks to me like you are experimenting with things that are new to you and I'd like to see your progress in your next Flash. All in all, pretty good.


Very nice

The animation was VERY artistic in its own way. Good job on that. The concept is great : the dude really didn't have anywhere to go and he was just enjoying the ride. It appears he got off where he got on, a its not about the destination but the journey thing. I gotta say the music was very "canned" and it kinda ruined it.

The meaning behind this movie

This movie is what would happen if Dimitri Martin played the Holophoner.