Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"

Kind of dumb

It was an ok game but if you just jump straight to the hard races you earn like 3k a go for coming last, as opposed to 50 - X00 for coming where you would in the easy races. What I'm saying is there is no challenge.

This game is a challenging pile of something...

Played this for too long, it's just to frustrating. Upgrades don't seem to help at all, and the outcome is so sporadic.

game of the day?

yeah right



The games has no real basis of logic involved. It seemed like the winners were 100% random. It was nearly impossible to select a winning bet. Also the training had little or no effect whatsoever on the dogs. Training was also far too expensive for what little stat increase you received for it.

In the even of a sequel, I would recommend better logic, lower prices, and better stat increases. A lot errors to be fixed, sir.

No restart?

Man this, sucked! first second week and I ruined it all.. now I need to play it to the week 20 to start again?! 0/5 1/10! horrible! you made this too fast!

robotJAM responds:

just click clear saved data on the title page