Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"

Nice animation

This wasn't one of the best games I've played, but it was pretty nice. While I'm more into the action game genre, I will say the animation was at least very good. I really like how the dogs moved and all of the backgrounds and human characters are done nicely. It was so funny how the dogs took a dump in the beginning of the races. There's really no reason for them to do that, but it's just so stupid and funny. I thought it was weird how they seemed to start their races twice (coming out of the cages the second time).


I even unlocked all the achievements - and with huckle hound!

robotJAM responds:

woo hoo, well done, I hope you weren't using the jetpack to cheat !


good but not my sort of game


I realized I was hooked when I found myself yelling "Go Laskie, Go!"

Great work.

Great Simulation

I could not stop playing this.

robotJAM responds:

Thanks Glad you liked it :)