Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"

great game, could be longer

i loved the game, its really addicting and difficult... i will agree with everyone else that it is too short, but i just kept playin it over and over again... the interactivity of the game was great, and i was able to build up a killer dog once i understood how (it becomes easy and understandable after a while). great gameplay, good graphics, and fun to play. deffinitely a good game to play on NG.


this game is byfar the best game i've played :D well IMO

btw lol i bought a whole lotta crap for my dog and cheated my last race betted over like 5k for my dog xD

Great game, but very hard

I just wish there was an unlimited mode. 20 races didn't seem like enough time to build up a killer dog. Even when I was able to get a great dog, the game would be over in, like, two turns. The unlimited mode would make this better because you could get amazing- which would give it the addicting factor. The game was also very hard because for at least the first five turns, you were building up your dog, not focusing on the win. The races should also have more interactive features, maybe controllable cheats? I liked the horse game too; you guys have great stuff!


Good Game

Good solid game. If it was longer I waould have given a higher score.

too short

NIce game, but too short!!!