Reviews for "Gone to the dogs"

pretty awesome

loved it. nothing bad about the game, but in a sequal id love to see:
-watch the dogs go fully around the track, and for the track to actually be different lengths
-more trainers
-more dogs, custamizable
-random events, e.g ur dog gets strained, a rival dog trainer is trying to blackmail you... u know, random things where u have to make a decision
-definately more time to play... maybe even a never ending mode
-maybe u get to manage a dog training ranch, upgrade equipment... ect.

stuff like that would be fkin awesome, and i can see by the detail u put into the newspaper stories that u definately have the kind of imaginative mind for an even more exciting dog racing management game. "8 gazillion dollars behind the fridge" win.


Game is great. Sometimes after a race I would find that the game would give me like 10 grand more or less than I should have gotten, which came in handy more than it didn't. One thing I found is ALWAYS BET ON BINGO BONGO DAVE HE ALWAYS WINS. This last time I played I bet 5 grand on him at 25:1 and of course he won. In that same game I got all the achievement and won all of my last 13 races and ended up with a score of 363,000 or something like that and went to submit my score and there were all these ridiculous scores that were in the 800k range, not to mention the ones that were 1e-30 range. How did they get those scores; I couldn't imagine a better game than I played.

robotJAM responds:

Thanks for the awesome review, glad you liked it :)


I refreshed around 25 times to see if i could win a 5k bet on the first race! Ya that never happened. Good game anyways.

From one unlucky gambler.

its a good game

the dogs pooing before the race is funny

Good game!

But I do agree it is to short so i give it 5/10.