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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"

I love beeing the evil one

This Game is one of the best I ever played!
I love the sound of the evil laughter ^^


THIS SHOULD BE FRONTPAGED! But the tower of delay is kinda a bummer O.o

Awesome Game!

Very entertaining, hours of gameplay! Keep 'em coming!

P.S. MadMikeMad, not his fault your computer is a P.O.S.


I cant stop playing this game its more addictive than crack!!! (not that I would know xD) anyway awesome game! and I agree with Drakogrox this game is epic!!! I cant wait for the sequel it will be more epic than this one I can feel it!!!

Great game

Really great game, I can't stop playing it, it's fucking epic!

Well actually I had to stop playing cause I found a glitch on lv 56 of Darwin mode, where the dwarf king never spawns, thus impossible to complete the wave.

Anyways very cool game, I stopped at lv 56 on hard mode.