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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"

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The Story is good and i like the Idea.
I feld like Sauron in LotR ^_^
But.... (yeah nice word)

The Backgrounds
Why did i attack a "Windmill" and see a desert background?
I think these could be a little more adapted to the Map.

The Spells
Some Spells needs a little Balance
Healing is too powerfull and the Fireball is nearly useless at higher levels.

Never used but i personally like Spells (So its more a suggest then critisem)

Too weak, give them a special attack or a special weakness / power
-> like resistance to magic or healing

The Shop
(Ok i dont like the Idea to pay for Flash games, but that doesen't matter in this case)
Add trade and barter
Buy new items with Gold/Souls or other currency.
I hate to scrap Items ^_^

The "Mace"
Add some more designs or other Weapon types.
After 2 hours of play its getting bored to play with the same type over and over again.
(The buyable Stuff looks pretty cool! But ingame...? )

The Enemys
Please mix the colors.
I slaughterd the Green, the Red, the Blue
but miss some alternation.
Some defence towes or siege weapons could be intresting too.

One small suggestion
A Option for redefine Keys would be nice.

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7 Review


Realy borring

Skills , magic , and weapons are great .. I think you just don't know how to use all of that in a game .. I think it could be much better , but it's just not ..


This is a fun game, but it is quite a bit repetitive. I got through the third Boss and only encountered 2 enemy types (though the colors change) big ones and little ones. The combos idea is good, though i get rather tired of pressing the same buttons repeatedly. I liked the items, though I only got 2 weapons the whole time. Also, an actual shop, not just the bonus shop, might have been nice. Also, you could add something like minions since you are supposed to be raising an undead army to cover the world. Overall this is a good, though repetitive game

Pretty good

The game is well done, from the graphics to the combat system. Yet, the combat is fairly repetitive (I only played 4 kings in) and consists of fighting multiple melee enemies and archers of increasing power. The king/boss fights are the same formula only you have a super melee unit to fight. The only redeeming factors of combat were the magic and the combo system, which are done excellently. The graphics, while well done, are not diversified and you see the same things over and over with slightly different looks.

To other reviewers:
This game is not supposed to be an RPG; it does hav RPG qualities and features, but it is a sidescrolling fighter.

Oh, and about the shop. People. Chill. The way the game is setup, the shop seems like an afterthought and is unnecessary to play the game. I'd almost compare it to special features that make the game easier/more interesting.


The game takes a really really long time to finish, i did buy some stuff at the shop in the end though. (just by register at some sites with an email address you dont use and youll get your e-money for it, you people should stop whining about that, it takes 3 mins) But anyway, the game was pretty much the same the whole time, enemies and everything changed but nothing really new came into play, except for items that would cast waaaay too much spells (i got a mace with a 15% chance to cast comet, lightning, and the wheel thing at once) and thats pretty much overpowered

but the game was overall pretty nice, and that you actually could see your items in the game made it fun to play

also, when you equip a mace, your dude does the slam thing animation, when you equip something else while hes doing the animation he'll freeze.

anyway awesome game but you could have put in more items (and make a bit more original items; i mean ive seen like 100 maces with a skull at the end in this game)