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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"

Great game

i thought this game deservs a nine because of the shop. Why do we need to take survays to earn money thats dumb but stuff in the shop is not really neaded. so it was a good game in general but make it so we dont have to take survays.


This game is great. Although unfortunate you aren't able to make full use of your abilities because of the low budget, it was a nice game that I was able to enjoy and spend many hours pwning midgets. Good luck with your next game, and hopefully you can actually make some more money this time.


Nice game indeed i like it :)

2 games

When i played this game i noticed that it was just 2 games combined (and some different graphics) the games are :Warlords:call to arms, and Monsters den:book of dread. (fortunately for me i loved both of them)

No spells?

great game and all but for some reason everytime i try a spell it comes out as either fireball or wheels of death. such an annoying thing.... but great game though a bit repetetive