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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"

healing spell

from the level 10 increase the time of recovery but the effectiveness is the same

OneExtraGames responds:

thats already fixed.. we are waiting for approval by NG.

You can have the 10

To be honest
It got a little repetitive. I started challenging myself to get longer combos but i didn't really feel much of a reward for it. It takes forever to level after a while, unless your doing like 20 set combos.

And as far as the shop items, i understand the artist needs to profit. These games for a long time haven't had any other way to profit the artist except going to their homepage and donating. Which, lets face it, at lest at newgrounds there isn't to many people willing to put into much effort in. I do agree that you guys need more outlets to get $$ except for ads and dontations. he11, maybe well make it so as we dont have to stare at lysol ads every 10 seconds.

HOWEVER, i dont like not being capable of optimizing my game play. Maybe instead of sacrificing something as big as customization and a full "shop", you could make the things that people pay for more of an extra. Like you said you can beat the game without using and cloths, but that tends to be more of a hardcore gamer thing. I think your compromise was giving us items here and there. But not being able to sell them or buy new ones sucks. So maybe something that makes it easier to actually do play the game(example; a skill that allows you to do combos easier) should've been sold in the shop. i dont know.

But overall the game is fun. I didn't finish it, it kinda left me prefering to type up a review rather then beat another 20 or so missions[made it to "Windmill of Gelizz" or whatever its called. i beat every mission till then]

ill give it
4/5 9/10

great game..no bugs until now!

I would give it 8 cause the ennemies look really ridiculous.BUT people in newgrounds are quite dumb and get that the item shop is a way for the maker to get MONEY so yea 10!

great game but has bugs...

I'm assuming that the bug where there are no more spawns is a bug that has been reported... it was very irritating to hit that bug on lvl 100 on darwin mode...

another bug is where the king stays off screen and the soldiers keep coming... there is a rough fix for that where you just cast nightmare and the king will run out on his own...

but other than these bugs... great game...

P.S.- a great strat is to just use the lunge attack using the border of the screen to aim your attack... a great strat to lay waste to a king in moments..

Okay guys, take this advice.

///First off, to all the newfags here: the item shop there doesn't need to be accessed, you don't need to buy. It's as simple as that.///

I played through this game in 4 hours, getting all the 8 artifacts on normal mode and getting to about lvl 50 in Darwin Mode (Nice pun on that one). The game was easy. Very easy.

There was one boss which was challenging if you didn't know what to do, but after about 12 stages, you understand the game mechanics and you get very fluid and fun play.

The Darwin mode was a nice way to add to the replay value, as you can grind it for amazing items and OP stats. (Hint: 2 bosses then die).

There is a lot of criticism to be made, and please listen carefully:

- The spells were abundant, but after you have them all once, there isn't a real need to upgrade anything further (except heal). I'd like more spells at a later level, or a better incentive to upgrade spells.

- The Heal spell doesn't improve after 10 stats, which means that you're only increasing its downtime. This is stupid.

- The monsters could have more variation. Semi-bosses, dragons etc. would've been nice, as well as different races.

- Even though the items only cost 10 cents-1 dollar, there is no incentive to buy them whatsoever. They look nice at their current level, but then you start getting better mob drops 5 levels later, and you've wasted your money. At the end of the game, the best items can be bought, but why would you want to continue after you've gotten past the most of Darwin mode? The weapons need to be persistently good (improve with levels), otherwise no one will want to buy.

- Last piece of criticism: there is no end-game content. Because it's not multiplayer, you can't duel, you can't get new spells etc., you'll never feel like playing through the game more than once. This ruins the item purchase option, because unlike with F2P giants like Ijji, you won't use the items again.

And so, I reckon it's best to add something of a multiplayer, or make a multiplayer game alltogether. (Maybe add rankings, ratings) Improve the items, make them adjustable (added damage, swifter slash, like the jewel system in WoW).

I don't think SP flash games will have a future other than a hobby.

The game was very good, and could easily become really good.

Thanks for listening,

~ d3m0n1c


Positive: weapons with spells