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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"

Awesome Game!

I've loved the game.I've been playing it for weeks,to me the fun never ends...Can't wait for the sequel.Good Luck!


Cant start the game and i g2 skip cuz it stalled

Love the game!

But has not worked for about a week.

Great game.

1 question. What's the name of the battle song?

Awesome game!

It is a great game with many skills and tons of levels and items!

I dont agree with most of the critizism. The levels are harder once a higher difficulty is chosen (really!!!)...you are then even rewarded with stat and xp bonuses! great idea!

I am currently playing a magician on the highest difficulty grade and i must say that the spells especially comet and wheel of death are very usefull and a adequate alternative to melee. the spell recharge time is ok...you need a variety of spells and upgrade magic and it wont be a problem.

The shop...well...you put a lot of effort in the game and you want to get some cash out of it. no problem in my eyes. C'mon people you are not forced to buy anything in the shop. Additionally you get one item for free and 2 rare items per level (from the bosses)..in my eyes more than fair. please stop giving this great game a low score just because of the shop. I'd like an additional shop with in game money that offers weaker items or other bonuses though.

The only realy downpoint in my eyes is the variety of enemies. They change theyr apearances and other factors (like range etc.) but they are no special enemies that requiere a special tactic or sth.

Anyway. overall one of the best games on ng...10 stars well deserved!