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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"

"nice but.."

Well its a fantastic game ... but it got stuck....

cool game

for all the ppl complaining about the real money "issue", wtf? u dont NEED those extra items to beat the game so y r u complaining its the designer's way to make a living

im giving you a ten...

i would normally give a game like this a 7 or 8 at most but because you have stupid people complaining about the money factor im raising it to ten to give a little push up. (all i can do) But to the people complaining about the money, you get one free item just wait a bit till your at the final king and buy it i went through the whole game without getting the item on insane mode its not that hard you just have to use the combos to get extra damage and the enemies aren't that hard to kill if you boost your str. There is no reason to give them a 0 because you think the game is to hard because you want an extra weapon. No the game is to hard because your playing it like an idiot, you dont use combos to gain extra exp. and damage(and that helps a lot) when the king comes out let him get to the center of the field and build up your combo until then then just keep comboing and attacking the king every other time. The game just takes a little time and skill to play so if you cant manage that just stop playing games because you will never be good at them and give the man a little credit he made this whole game without a sponser so he has to have a way to make some money from it.

Good, but not THAT good

I played it all the way to the 3rd artifact and got bored (not a bad thing, took me like 1.5-2.5 hours). The main problem with the game is it is too easy, and you end up fighting the same enemies over and over. On top of that, after a certain point you start to level at about the same rate as your enemies (so long as you do all of the available missions) which means that teh dificulty stays the same. On the issue of the cash shop, I really dont care (unlike some people) what you can get people to do with their money, but I do think you should have added a free shop so I could get rid of old loots (or at least trade them in for experience a'la DOW II. Overall, good game, had fun while I could keep interested, in the end, I prolly would have kept playing if the enemies where a little more than pallet-swaped-goblin-things. Kudos on a job fairly well done :D

Very cool game!

Well, this game is definatley awsome! i like the level system very much, the only downside as i see it is, the game is too long considering how slow you progress, maybe shorter levels, or more enemys on the levels would make it less boring to play for such a long time.. :)