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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"

wow ppl

wow dude if u read some the description u would know that the shop is like a way of donating. but insted of just giving ur money in a donation they actually give u something in return. u still get armor just play the game more.


Good Game but paying REAL money for FAKE shit that well never use?

you have to pay money to buy armor

you have to pay money to fucking buy new armor what the fuck i want a game that is free for all the parts of the game. this game gets 0 stars because i have to pay for armor what a ripe off who ever made this game you should put a big label on the game that said this game may be fun but you have to pay fucking money to upgrade dont play this game

name bug

ok i know somethings wronjg when i type random letters and number and i still get a name in use sign


Looks like Overlord, hears like Overlord! AWESOM!!!